2009.9.5(Sat)− 9.22(Tue)

Hiroki Yamamoto Solo exhibition

Open: Sat.Sun.Mon.Tue 13:00−19:00(last day until 17:00)

9.5(Sat)17:00〜 Opening party

1978 Born in Tokyo
2003 Musashino art university B.A. painting

Solo exhibition
 Photo×Painting Nakano Nakano Zero hole

2003  Fruit Operation   Fuchu Gallery Pirka
2004  Solo exhibition Ginza Futaba Gallery gallery expects
 WORLD  SMALL− Ginza Futaba Gallery
2005  Solo exhibition  Yokohama basyamichi Kitanaka WHITE404−Polonium−
2006  Hiroki Yamamoto/Hirofumi Abe Ginza Futaba Gallery gallery expects  re-presentation
2007  Solo exhibition
 Ginza Futaba Gallery
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 Futaba Gallery with Nozomu Watanabe「UROGABATAFU」Ginza Futaba Gallery
  Solo exhibition  Ginza Gallery58
2009  micro-macro  Ginza FutabaGallery Message fromFUTABA!!VOL.3

I produce a work under the theme of a thing called "the border" with various mediums such as a photograph and a drawing, wood, a map mainly. For example, the "border" is a non-everyday boundary every day, and it is abstraction and a border of the concreteness. When the concept that I usually established as a self-evident thing comes across a concept to be opposed and came back to the state of before the concept once again, expectation to discover with the dangerous uneasiness and fear that it may be done whether it is whom who is new swirls. The uneasiness and fear and a feeling of throb of the expectation. It may resemble one kind or another love. I want to call it "eroticism" daringly. Always pursuing it by at various angles and various feelings and methods.

Hiroki Yamamoto