New Abstraction Paintings
Ayuki Enokizono Chihiro Kabata Yuuri Kabata

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Ayuki Enokizono Chihiro Kabata     Yuuri Kabata

Because the picture exercise engaged in of J Pollock, M Rothko brought prominent result in a painting history, I may not avoid the fate that "abstraction painting" connects it with the context of the Abstract Expressionism more or less politically historically today, and is arrested. However, will not it be a significant thing to question the meaning that the style called the abstraction has some other time in the art scene of Japan in the present age when works of the story-related work and animation style overflow now that half a century passed from the grand picture exercise? I am particular about expression called the abstraction this time and take up the young writer who continues producing it in search of new possibility. I want to reconsider the meaning that the abstraction painting in the present age lasts while overlooking the world of the abstraction that each person weaves.