N-zemi -paint it over with clay!-

instructor:Rikiya Iwakuma  participants:Utako Atsumi Konosuke Kitta Haruka Yabe

open: Sat.Sun.Mon.Tue. 13:00−19:00(last day untill 17:00) 
1.17(Sun)17:00- opening party

From October in 2009, we are having a lecture at Nroom artspace. That lecture will enable you to find new value and yourself whom you’ve never know, piling up the attempts of deconstructing and reconstructing, denying and affirming thoughts. We hope that each of you experiences your own journey of thoughts as far as possible, from a small port named N-semi. This time, we will exhibit the works of Rikiya Iwakuma, who was the first instructor of this lecture, and ones the participants produced while his lecture. At the same time we will exhibit their ordinary works. We hope you will enjoy them!

The contents of this lecture:
We will develop our producing of works, not aiming finishing, but leaving oneself in the flow of unexpected changes. To practice this, we will apply the method of films (introduction ~ expanse of tale ~ unexpected evolution ~ shocking ending) to paintings. We aim at going further and further from the first planning. Considering the producing as the journey with unstable destination, we will learn to seek the new way through making mistakes.