Naomi Tsukamoto  solo exhibition
open:13:00−19:00(last day until 17:00)closed on Wed.Thur.


Naomi Tsukamoto

2000 M.Ed in Creative Arts, Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
2002 Artist-in -Residence, Shigaraki Institute of Ceramic Studies
2004 MFA.University of Colorado at Boulder
2005 Artist-in-Residence, City University of New York, Hunter College

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 Nroom artspace,Tokyo
2009 i→p、Kanagawa
2007 Furlong Gallery,University of Wistonsin at Stout
2005 Hunter College, NYC
2004 University of Colorado Art Museum
    Burren Castle Ireland
2003 Holland Area Arts Council

Group Exhibitions
Suan Pakkad Palace&Museum(Bangkok,Thailand),Shigaraki Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art(Michigan), Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art(Colorado), Santa Fe Clay(New Mexico),etc.

The eyes of a cat and a suitcase
Rain boots
An umbrella

What triggers you to those familiar places?

I am interested in the memories of places, physical memories that are no longer tangible, and the remnants that are the markers and keepsakes of our memories I am interested in the discrepancy that happens between what we remember and how it really was.  I am interested in the sizes of tangible objects in our memories and the activity of reconstruction that happens in the process of retelling our stories from the past.  I like what happens in the process of retelling: how time no longer exists, how we can own our past again.

In silhouettes, a presence and an absence coexist.The process of casting resembles collecting the shadows of our ever changing memories.