Hiroko Ueba
-Spring of Words-

open:13:00-19:00(last day until 17:00) closed on 27(Wed)、28(Thur)
Friday until 21:00

4.24(Sun)17:00- live  18:00- opening party
Yuko Tomiyama(composition, sing and play keyboard)
Hiroko Nobutomo(contrabass)


Hiroko Ueba

1977 Born in Osaka, JAPAN
2009~ Live and work in Vienna, AUSTRIA

● Education
2000 Graduated with BA in Japanese Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts
2002 Completed MA in Japanese Painting (Prof.Yasuji Horikoshi) at Tokyo University of the Arts
Participated the composition-creation course of Prof.Sylvano Bussotti
at GAMO (Gruppo Aperto Musica Oggi) in Florence, Italy
2009〜Piano course (Prof.Gerhard Stalze) at Prayner Konservatorium in Vienna, Austria

● Solo Exhibition
2011 “Poetischer Garten” / Meierei Gaaden (Gaaden bei Mödling)
“Spring of Words” / Nroom artspace (Tokyo)
2010 “Kolorit vol.2” / Gallery at the HYATTⅠ(Osaka)
“Kolorit vol.2” / Lexus Senboku (Osaka)
2009 “Blessing” / Mirai Gallery (Tokyo)
2008 “Kolorit” / Gallery at the HYATT Ⅱ (Osaka)
2006 “Hiroko UEBA Solo Exhibition” / Gallery Satoru (Tokyo)
“longing” / City Gallery (Osaka)
2005 “a place nobody knows” / Dazzle (Tokyo)
“un uccello capriccioso” / White Cube Kyoto (Kyoto)
2003 “Souvenirs d’Italie” / Galleria Rasen (Tokyo)

● Group Exhibition
2011 “Winter Garten” / Meierei Gaaden (Gaaden bei Mödling)
“Kunst Markt” / Gallery Blumeninsel (Basel)
“Output from Japan” / Crypt Gallery (London)
    “Japanese & German contemporary ART Vlll” / Gallery Den (Berlin)
2010 “Cologne Japan” / Altes Pfandhaus (Cologne)
“Japanese Artist Exhibition” / Galerie Knötzmann (Frankfurt am Main)
“Step 09” / The National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci (Milan)
“Christmas Room” / Nroom artspace (Tokyo)
2009 “Window” / Ozu Gallery (Tokyo)
“Three Artists” / Ozu Gallery (Tokyo)
    “Sprinkle on watercolor into our mind” / Gallery 4 (Seoul)
“Art Sydney”/ Royal Hall of Industries (Sydney)
“Art Collection” / Collingwood Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)
2008 “Office 339 Exhibition” / The Foundry Gallery (Shanghai)
“Hana, The Essence of Life” / Collingwood Gallery (Melbourne)
2007 “Art-Shanghai 2007” / Shanghai-Mart (Shanghai)
“Stopping on the Way” / Artdish g (Tokyo)
2006 “Yaesu Miyagi Exhibition” / Gallery Tanaka-Yaesu (Tokyo)
“Objects in Life” / Takashimaya Department Store (Tokyo) (2007)
“Japanese Painting and Sketch Exhibition”
/ Tsumairi-Machinami (Gabled Antique Houses on the Street) Gallery (Nihgata)
“Shanghai Art Fair 2006” / Shanghai-Mart (Shanghai)

2005 “a Fixed Point 2005” / Gallery Satoru (Tokyo) Artist Award
“Rin vol.3” / Gallery 52 (Tokyo)
2004 “Galleria Rasen 2004 ” / Galleria Rasen (Tokyo)
“Somehall World” / White Cube Kyoto (Kyoto)
“New Flat 2004” / White Cube Kyoto (Kyoto)
“Flat Flat” / White Cube Osaka PB (Osaka)
2001 The Taito City Collection Exhibition “Artists from the Cultural District Ueno”
  / The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo)
1999 “Painting and Box” / cafe & gallery Wasurenagusa (Tokyo)
1998 “Clutch” / Gallery Nakazawa (Tokyo)

Walking an alley,
having coffee in a cafe,
going up the stairs in the apartmenthouse,
listening to the radio,
receiving and sending e-mail,
reading a book,
in my ears and eyes
remained the varied words.

Some images inspired from the words.
Tell what came to mind from my works.
The points in common and the differences
between them, my feelings during the creation,
and imaginations during the exhibition, we enjoy.

Hiroko Ueba