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hope-Kibou- in Japan

10:00−18:00(Farst day start 15:00,Last day until 6:00)

12.20 17:00-18:00 opening party

Kasutaka Abe , Akinori Ohtsuka , Tomoko Kanzaki , Kayoko Kobayashi , Yoshinori Gomi , Kengo Shibatsuji , Kaori Sugai , Nomi Tsukamoto , Hideo Nakamura , Yumi Nishimura , Yasuyuki Tomita , Miyoko Murayama , Takami Motoki ,Aiko Yokota , David Franklin , Dimitrios Antonitsis , Dionisis Christofilogiannis , Eva Mitala , Juris Zvirbulis , Stelios Karamanolis , Ulvis Alberts , Vassiliki Koskiniotou , Giuliana Bona , Vanessa Anastasopoulou

 The concept of this exhibition arose when meeting Greek people during a visit to Greece in May 2011. Japan was then still in confusion after the earthquake in March.

On the other hand, in Greece, its economy was under serious condition. Although it may take a long time, we must improve these situations, and the most important thing under such circumstances is to have hope in your mind.
And of course, hope is essential to people all over the world, not only Japan and Greece. This time, artists mainly from Japan, Greece, and Latvia, Ireland, Italy will exhibit their works. We are also planning a related exhibition, "hope-'Kibou'-in Greece", to be held in Athens, Greece, in Spring 2012. We wish the audiences as well as the artists to feel hope for a brighter future through this exhibition.

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