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Vanessa Anastaspoulou

-rites of passage-

開廊日:14:00−20:00(最終日は18:00まで) 水木休廊  金曜日は21:00までオープン



1995-1997 Royal College of Art (MA. Painting)
1992-1995 Wimbledon School of Art (BA. Hons)

Solo Shows
2012 Nroom artspace, Tokyo
2009 K-art Gallery, Athens
2002 Gallery 7, Athens
1999 Gardens, Gallery 7 , Athens

Group shows
2012 ‘Forget me not’,Elika Gallery,Athens
2011 ‘Kibou-Hope’,Nerima Art Museum(Nroom atspace organized), Japan
2011 The border,Flanders expo,Nroom artspace,Ghent
2011 Art Vilnius,Lithuania,Nroom artspace
2011 Fake Paradise , K-Art Gallery
2010 fovos ,Salon de Vortex, loandbehold , Athens
2009 Fantasmagoria , K-Art Gallery
2008 Bon Voyage , K-Art Gallery
2007 REMAP KM, “Where is the Art? Athens open Spaces”
2005 shelved, the Octopus,Athens
2004 UPCUT, Valaoritou 9a
2000 Argopories , Stratones Kapodistria,Argos
1998 Show me Something Beautifull, The Brickhouse, London
1997 Expressions , Ogilvy &Estill Gallery, Whales
1997 Intersection , The Hellenic Centre, London
1994 Cut Gallery, London

Public collections
Deutsche Bank
British Airways
Aylesford Newsprint

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