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Andrea Roccioletti(Italy)

-A long way through-

開廊日:13:00−17:00 土日開廊 ※8月29日(土)休廊


Sartoria Creativa Steal this painting! Individual exibition Turin 2014
Senza Stato Without a state Collective exibition Alessandria 2014
NAM visual art Collective exibition Turin 2014
PONG game art gallery Collective exibition Milan 2013
Seles s’e desta Collective exibition Cuneo 2013
MCA open-air museum Collective exibition Cuneo 2013
Tavor Art Mobile Individual exibition Nuoro 2013
Zooart Individual exibition, performance Cuneo 2013
Farewell Childhood Individual exibition, at Sartoria Creativa Turin 2013
Moma Tribute Collective exibition Turin 2012
NN ? NoName Performance at Greenbox Turin 2012
Volonta divisa Performance / Theater Turin, Milan 2012
Game Art Camp Collective exibition, digital art Monza 2012
Cortilissima Individual exibition Turin 2012
They call me nerd Interview on Sky Channel 2011
The world of the end Collective exibition Turin 2011
Baccanti Show at Astra Theater Turin 2011
Slebest Ville Sbertoli Installation Pistoia 2011
Teatro Elfo Puccini Collective exibition, performance Milan 2011
Blah Blah Reading Turin 2011 Collective exibition Milan 2011
Paratissima Collective exibition Turin 2011
Siena Art Institute Collective exibition Siena 2011
Sassetti Arte e Cultura Collective exibition Milan 2011
Caffe del Progresso Collective exibition Turin 2011
Accademia dei Partenopei Collective exibition Napoli 2011
Torino Art Gallery Individual exibition Turin 2011
Spaziottagoni Collective exibition Milan 2011
Ambharabar Performance Turin 2011
Ogni pensiero vola Collective exibition Bomarzo 2010

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