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Dimitra Marouda
lives in Athens, Greece

Athens School of Fine Arts

solo show
1992 “AGATHI” Art gallery, Athens.
1995 “AGATHI” Art gallery, Athens.
1999 “M.PLATANIA” Art gallery, Zante.
2001 “ASTROLAVOS” Art gallery, Piraeus.

Group show
1990 Athens School of Fine Arts, 1st Workshop, Athens.
1991 Eleftherias Park Arts Centre, Athens.
1993 Graduate exhibition at National Gallery, Athens.
1993 Art exhibition of Ionian painters “AENAON”, Athens.
1993 Art exhibition at National Gallery, Athens.
1994 Engraving exhibition at National Gallery, Athens.
1994 Art exhibition “XINIS”, Athens.
2000 “ASTROLAVOS” Art gallery, Piraeus.
2001 3rd edition of the Biennale dell’Arte Contemporanea di Firenze
2002 “ATRIO” Art gallery, Thessalonica.
2003 “IOS” Art gallery, Athens.
2004 Art exhibition “UP CUT”, Athens.
2005 Art exhibition “SHELVES”, Athens.
2006 Art exhibition “WHERE IS THE ART” at the Municipal market of
Kypseli district and at the immigrant ghetto on Ferron Street, Athens.
2008 “LIQUID” Art exhibition, Rethymno, Crete.
2009 “GAIA” Art gallery, Piraeus.
2009 Art exhibition “SPACE”, ”Π64”, Athens.
2010 “OPEN STUDIOS”, Athens.
2010 “K-ART” Art gallery, Athens.
2011 Cheap-Art Thessaloniki.
2011 Cheap –Art Athens.
2012 ‘’SUPERMARKET’’Art Fair,Stockholm.
2012 ‘’Imaginary Worlds’ Nroom artspace,Tokyo.
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