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Filippo Biagioli
1975 born in Pistoia on 9 February

2012 Japanese experience Nroom artspace Tokyo
2011 Tortona 11 Eleven Dreams gallery - NOTEs installazione
artistica con Andrea Mattiello
2010 Savona filippo biagioli MAP Museo Arti Primarie
2009 Savona Quotidiano sublime, filippo biagioli e oggetti rituali quotidiani Touareg
2008 Savona La materia dei sogni: filippo biagioli Fortezza del Priamar Spazio la Polveriera 20 dicembre 2008 15 febbraio 2009
2008 Savona La materia dei sogni: filippo biagioli Fortezza del Priamar Spazio Cellette Est 20 dicembre 2008 15 febbraio 2009
2008 Imperia Radiografia di un analphabeta Casa d’Arte Via dei Mercati 29 nov 13 dic 2008
2008 Trovasta di Pieve di Teco (IM) L’Uovo di Struzzo Contemporary Art
Center “Il treno per roma e il padre della psicologia” 15 agosto 10 settembre
2007 Venezia Padiglione della Marginalita 4-15 novembre
2007 Vercelli Galleria Via dei Mercati 19 mag 2 giu

collective show:
2011 Lu (al) Galleria La Nisolina agosto
2009 Vercelli Galleria Viadeimercati 16 dicembre 2009 / 30 gennaio
2009 Savona MAP Museo Arti Primarie 5 dicembre 2009 / 30 marzo 2010
2009 Trovasta Uovo di Struzzo ? 15/30 Agosto Foto&Graffiati
2008 Imperia Casa d’Arte Via dei Mercati 7 Gennaio 7 Febbraio 2009
2008 Vercelli Casa d’Arte, Via dei Mercati 25 Novembre 2008 31
2007 Taormina Palazzo Corvaja 30 giu 6 lug
2007 Venezia gennaio Galleria Studio d’Arte Due Bonan


passion for cartoons began to paint t-shirt with a series of characters
he created and continues in the following 6 years. At the same time
developed a passion for tattoos, their design and rituals.

Begins to have his paintings in various street markets.

knows the Roman Romano painter (which formed a great friendship) and His
Contemporary Artists Club. Then participates actively in their exhibitions.

Since the end of '99 beginning of 2006 for various reasons, through a
period of ups and downs, with entire months without painting and
distrust. In this period he wrote "Demoni e Dei", a collection of
drawings and poems.

The darkest period wears off and decided to found the site
A few months later opened a shop on-line ART STORE ANALPHABETIC with his
work on a popular auction site, and the definition of "analphabetic art"
to his art.

Opens on the internet "Analphabeta Channel". space that will count all
of its video content.

Exit the book "Capitolo Zero: La caduta delle Nubi"

In July, began drawing the CRIBA comics
Then dedicate a forum to "CRIBA the comic nonsense", entitled "GATE 17:
CRIBA legend rebirth".


Create a Dott. Chiglia puppet . first puppet for crisis, and diffuses
through the web, then making a cartoon whose bets are on ANALPHABETA

Finish drawing: CRIBA. The Criba comics is showed in Stevenson Lecture
Theatre of the British Museum in London, during the First International
Conference of the MAP, Primary Art Museum.

Born "RADIO ANALPHABETA." which will broadcast music analphabetiche and
cultural spaces.


In September they released their first Analphabetic Book, dedicated to
fabrics and plastics.

In October is printed "Tecla, la Favola del Male" made with Andrea Mattiello

In November is printed "Criba la Notte kan'd'ema" (criba2).

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