2009.6.20(Sat)― 7.5(Sun)

Kazuhiro Masuda  solo exhibition

−make-believe, action−

open:Sat.Sun.Mon.Tue. 13:00−19:00(last day until 17:00)

6.27(Sat)17:00〜 opening party

Take action about the world. It is to find hope by a feel. I think that hope is necessary for a person. About the world and to living in the world. If a person can share it with all the friend and the person who ever met a person and the family, a person who were a lover so far, the people whom I did not meet, the hope opens the world. …Even if it seems to be the kid play whom it plays on a stage. I am necessary in this room; get ready. To person who ever met a family to the people who were a lover to a friend to a beloved person so far, all the people whom I did not meet. For the world outside. To be related with them by the best method that I believe.(novel ”make-believe action”)