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5.19-24 Yukiko Takada
6.4-13 Naomi Tsukamoto
6.20-25 Naoto Tanno
6.20-25 Maiko Suzuki
6.27-7.5 Kiyomi Irie
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September Hiroko Nouno
November Utako Atsumi
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Niche -Return home2010-
Utako Atsumi, Hiroyuki Sugawara, Mizuki Naito, David Franklin, Jun Hiruma

open: 13:00−19:00(last day until 17:00)closed on Wed.Thur.

5.1(Sat)17:00- opening party

 Mizuki Naito Utako Atsumi Hiroyuki Sugawara David Franklin Jun Hiruma


Nroom artspace locates amid the residential area of Minami Oizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo. This location enables us to establish unique connections and new relationships with contemporary artists and we wish to create experimental spaces together.

Coming exhibition “Niche ?Return Home 2010” is a sequel to the exhibition of the same title held last year as our very first exhibition. The word “niche” is a terminology for western architecture meaning a hollow area in a wall or a pillar which has been made to hold artworks or vases etc. On the other hand, it also indicates a “gap,” and Nroom artspace can be regarded as a gallery standing in a “niche” position among other galleries. Also, there are interesting connections between Nroom artspace, which renovated a traditional Japanese house, and the notion of “niche” or “gap.” There is a custom in Japan to hang a picture in an alcove which is called “tokonoma” and the word “gap” in Japanese is “sukima” which consists of “suki” (=tasteful or aesthetic) and “ma” (=space).